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SIZE: 9” round 
DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate

1. Mix green icing using Leaf Premium Gel Color.

2. Ice cake using the green icing, combing sides.

3. Attach Whimsy Owl Edible Image® decoration to rolled-out white fondant using a light application of water, clear, potable alcohol or shortening.

4. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out the silhouette of the Edible Image®.

5. Apply Edible Image to the top of the cake, as shown.

6. Use chocolate icing in a #8 Piping Tip to pipe a bottom and a partial top beaded border.

7. Use chocolate icing in a #4 Piping Tip to pipe branches on the side and the top of the cake, connecting it to the Edible Image®, as shown.

8. Use the #4 Piping Tip to pipe a small beaded border around the edges of the Edible Image®.

9. Finish with Dec-Ons® decorations placed variously around the cake.

Decorating idea by Corina’s Bakery

Artwork © 2016 Pink Light Design