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SIZE: 8" Round cake, 6" round cake
SKILL LEVEL: moderate

1. Cut, fill and ice an 8" and 6" round cake.

2. Cover the cake in whatever color fondant you like. Dowel and stack your cake.

3. Roll out sheets of fondant and moisten them with water, simple syrup, piping gel or flavoring extracts.

4. Place the Country Garden Variety Designer Prints® on the fondant and let them set together for a minute or two.

5. Cut out various sizes of tear drop shapes and assemble them flowing from the top to the bottom of the cake as shown.

6. Color fondant with Lucks Neon Bright Purple Premium Gel color and cut out 1.5" circles. Attach them to the side of the cake in a ribbon with a dab of water.

7. Pipe a #3 piping tip beaded border along the bottom edge.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee

Artwork © 2016 Dena Designs, Inc. All rights reserved.  Used under  license.