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1.      Mix 3 pale buttercream icings.  A decorating suggestion for getting the lightest colors is put a drop of color on your spatula instead of trying to drop the colors into your buttercream.  That way  you can take it off the spatula if you have too much .  It is easier to get it off the spatula then back out of the buttercream. Only one or two drops are needed for colors this light. 

  • Spring Yellow:  Use Yellow Airbrush Color (item #10167).
  • Spring Orange:  Use Orange Airbrush Color (item #10164).
  • Spring Pink:  Use Pink Airbrush Color (item #10165). 

2.      Ice each cupcake with the smallest spatula you have in a swirling motion. 

3.      Finish them with Small Flower Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations (item #43722).
Decorating Idea by: Kasia Wilk