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This is a 6” round cake that is 4” high. It has a beveled edge on the top and is made with fondant, but it can also be made with buttercream.

1.    Enrobe your cake, and then moisten your fondant. Use a brush and plain water, your airbrush and plain water or a steamer if you have one available. 

2.    Apply Rose Pink Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45558) around the base of the cake.

3.    Above that, apply the Lime Green Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45559).

4.    Using a ribbon insertion tool (Item #11752) with the pointed blade, trim the top of the Cutie Pie Garden Designer Prints™ (Item #45095) as close to the design as possible and apply it above the lime green shimmer ribbons.  Trimming the strip will allow you to lay the flowers down at the curve of the cake without wrinkles. 

5.    With your airbrush and Lucks Blue Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10158) and a few drops of Lucks White Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #45300) in your color cup, spray a hint of blue sky on the top of the cake. 

6.    Pipe a white cloud using a #8 plain round tip (Item #11031).

7.    For your bottom border, mix Lucks Egg Shade Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10160) with buttercream. Use a #8 plain round tube for your bottom shell border.

8.    Finish with Bumble Bees Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #45148).

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk