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Feeling Springy? Dazzle your customers with these beautiful blooms.

1. Chocolate cupcakes are shown here.

2. Color three shades of pink icing using Lucks Neon Brite Pink Liqua-Gel Color, Lucks Ribbon Pink Liqua-Gel Color, and Lucks Pink Liquid Airbrush Color.

3. Put each batch in its own bag using a #79 decorating tube.

4. Color icing using Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Color and with a #5 plain round tube pipe rounded leaves, as shown, for Chrysanthemums. (Pipe pointed leaves for Dahlias.)

5. Pipe circles of the flower petals as shown. 

Tip: For making beautiful flowers, remember to keep the same center as you pipe the petals around in a circle.

**Depending on the season and the leaves that you pipe, these flowers can double as Chrysanthemums or Dahlias.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk