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SIZE: Other (Cupcakes)

Edible Transfer Sheets transform your chocolate designs into elegant decorations!

1. Ice all cupcakes smoothly using an untipped coupler with chocolate, and then white icing as shown; a small spatula or piece of cake collar works well to smooth the tops.

2. Melt three batches of chocolate or candy melts in green, white, and dark chocolate.

3. Fill parchment or plastic pastry bags with each color and cut a tiny hole at the end, just big enough for the chocolate to flow through. Tip: Set you bag, tip up, into a microwave safe bowl, to keep the chocolate from flowing out. If your chocolate starts to harden, just set the bowl with chocolate into the microwave long enough to re-melt it.

4. Lay the White Floral Sketch Transfer Sheet on a flat surface so that the textured side of your design faces up.

5. Use dark chocolate to pipe outlines­­­­ of several flowers and leaves on the surface of your transfer sheet and allow to cool.

6. Pipe white chocolate in the middle of each flower petal, and green chocolate in the middle of each leaf and allow to cool.

7. For the flower centers pipe dark chocolate dots onto the Red Rose Array Transfer Sheet.

8. When all chocolate decorations are cool, gently lift each one off of your chocolate transfer sheet and turn over so that you see your pattern.

9. Attach two leaves to the back of each flower as shown, with a bit of melted chocolate. Attach the flower centers with a dab of chocolate.

10. Place your finished chocolate decorations on top of your iced cupcakes!

Decorating ideas by Sandy McNicol