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This elegant cake is beautiful with the navy accents. You can be creative and accent the black and white with any color you or your customers desire! The buttercream and fondant cake has three tiers, that are 10", 8" and 6".

1. Ice cake with buttercream. 

2. Trim away the white edges of Damask Black Designer Prints™ decorations, using a ribbon insertion tool with pointed blade or an X-ACTO type knife.

3. Place the strips at the top edge of the sides of each tier.

4. Tip: Handling the black Designer Prints™ sheets will transfer some black color to your fingertips. Do not rub Designer Prints™ sheets to apply to cake, rather tap them. Do not touch Designer Prints™ sheets with moist fingers.

5. Color some fondant with Lucks Violet Liqua-Gel Color. 

5. Roll out some fondant, and trim it into 1 1/2" high strips, as long as needed to wrap each tier below the Designer Prints™ designs. 

6. Add an assortment of sizes of roses using Lucks Royal Icing Roses White Variety Pack and Lucks Royal Blue Roses Variety Pack. 

7. For your rose leaves, use a leaf shaped fondant flower cutter. 

8. Cut your leaves out of the navy blue fondant you have already made, and apply them to your cake. Voila!

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk