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SIZE: Other (chocolate-coated cookies)


1. Prepare your favorite cookies or use pre-made. TIP: make sure the cookies are no larger than 1.5” in diameter to fit into a chocolate or candy mold with 2” cavities.

2. Place Petites decorations face down in the cavities of your candy mold.

3. Melt pre-colored coating chocolate, or use candy colors to tint. 

4. Fill a parchment triangle with a melted chocolate and then partially fill the molds. TIP: don’t use a metal tip in the bag, as its coolness will stiffen the chocolate too quickly.

5. Press cookies into the chocolate before it sets up; top off with melted chocolate to cover completely. TIP: tap the entire mold on a counter top to level the chocolate.

6. Let set, and then remove coated cookies from the mold.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz