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SIZE: 10” two-layer, 8” two-layer and 6” three-layer round tiered
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Create clever fondant plaques for this Destination Baby shower cake that pair well with trendy Designer Prints™ strips!

1.    At least two days ahead, mix two small batches of fondant in green and gold, using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Leaf Green and Golden Yellow mixed into White Vanilla Fondant.

2.    Mix green, gold and white fondant with a ¼ tsp of some form of gum (gum tragacanth, tylose, etc.). Roll out and cut the plaques with a kitchen knife or an X-Acto type knife, using a ruler as a straight edge. Let dry overnight.

3.    Use additional fondant to cut a rectangle approximately 3” x 4”. Let dry overnight, bent in half lengthwise over a right angle (such as a styrofoam dummy). This will become the support for the top plaque.

4.    The next day, mix batches of green and blue royal icing using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Leaf Green and Sky Blue. Pipe letters and lines, as shown, using #3 round tips. Let dry.

5.    Use royal icing to attach the dried bent rectangle, lengthwise, to the back of the plaque. Let dry.

6.    Ice the tiers and apply the argyle print from Tie Pattern Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cakes.

7.    Assemble the cake and use green icing in a #8 round tip to pipe a grassy bottom border around the base of each tier.

8.    Place the top plaque atop the cake, attach the remaining two with icing, and garnish the cake with a few gumpaste flowers from the Small Blossoms Assortment.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz