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SIZE: Other (cake balls and cupcakes)

1. Blend cake scraps with buttercream, then shape into balls.

2. Chill thoroughly for easy handling.

3. When balls are chilled, melt enough white chocolate to fill a medium bowl at least halfway. Dip a ball into the melted chocolate to cover; you can either temporarily skewer balls for dipping, or use chocolate dipping tools. Set each ball on parchment to set up.

4. Pipe white chocolate drizzle across cake balls. TIP: It’s best not to use a metal tip to pipe, as the chocolate will set up and plug the tip within just a few moments. 

5. When all balls are set, attach one charm to each using icing or melted chocolate.

6. To decorate the cupcakes, pre-cut Designer Prints® strips into 2” rounds using an X-Acto type knife. TIP: Create a stencil or trace around a round cutter to ensure size consistency.

7. Pipe a dollop of icing on each cupcake using a #807 tip.

8. Gently peel pre-cut rounds from their backing and apply--smoothing as you go--to each cupcake.

9. Finish by rolling the edges of each cupcake in coordinated non-pareils.

Decorating idea by dianne’s Delights