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SIZE: Other (mini cupcakes and chocolate box)


Mini Cupcakes

  1. Ice the cupcakes in white icing using an open coupler.
  2. Attach The Diva Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations.

Chocolate Purses

This cute little purse is not only cute, it’s totally functional; you can hide little chocolates or candies for your guests to find.

1. Find a purse template or make your own. Cut transfer sheets into the template shapes.

2. Lay strips, textured side up, on a piece of parchment.

3. Melt chocolate and color using pre-colored candy melts. Spread evenly over the side pieces and let them set. Make small triangle pieces that will be used as a kickstand to stand up the sides later.

4. Peel away acetate, and glue the triangles to the back of the sides with chocolate.

5. Measure a strip from the transfer sheet that is 3” wide and long enough to go up the sides of the purse but leave a small portion of the purse at the top open.

6. Spread chocolate over the strip and gently move it to a clean part of the parchement with a small spatula. While the chocolate is still wet, place the sides of the purse in the chocolate and gently wrap the band up the sides and hold the strip in place until the chocolate is set.

7. Once the chocolate is completely set, remove the acetate  and fill purse with whatever surprise you would like.

8. Lay the flap transfer piece textured side up and spread chocolate over and move to a clean space so that a sharp edge is achieved.

9. Before the chocolate sets, take the piece and place it over the gap on top of the purse and hold until chocolate starts to set.

10. Afer the chocolate is set, take a small knife and gently trim excess chocolate away to make a more presentable and clean look.

11. Make a small band to act as the strap to the purse and spread chocolate over the transfer sheet. When the chocolate is partially set move the piece to the purse and attach it to the sides of the purse.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee