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Size: ¼ sheet

Skill level: Intermediate

1. Ice cake with buttercream. 

2. Use the bubble pattern from the Tropical Fun Variety Designer Prints™. 

3. Cut them in half lengthwise and apply them high on the sides of the cake. 

4. For professional results, trim the white ends from the Designer Prints™ decorations using a ribbon insertion tool or an X-Acto knife.

5. Mix a light brown icing using Brown Liquid Airbrush Color.  

6. Spread around lower corners of the top of the cake, as shown. 

7. Apply the crab design from the Sea Buddies Variety Pack Edible Image. 

8. Mix a blue piping gel using Blue Liquid Airbrush Color and Piping Gel. Fill in around the Edible Image® design as shown.  

9. Mix a bright blue using Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Color and a green with Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Color. Variegate them in a bag with a #12 plain round tube to pipe a bottom border to meet the Designer Prints™ decorations.

10. Airbrush in the sky with Blue Liquid Airbrush Color. Mix a lighter blue icing and variegate with white for your clouds and top half shell border. 

11. Sprinkle your sand with crushed vanilla wafer cookies. Finish with Seashells Dec-Ons® decorations and Milk Chocolate Seashells.

12. Mix a bright yellow icing using Egg Shade Liquid Airbrush Color to pipe your birthday inscription.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk