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SIZE: ¼ sheet

Spring has sprung with Birds of Fancy, colorful blossoms and a charming Easter tree! 

1. Ice the cake in white.

2. Spray the sides of the cake with Blue Liquid Airbrush Color.

3. Affix the Easter Tree Designer Print™ decoration to the top of the cake as shown.

4. Add the two Birds of Fancy Dec-On® decorations to the tree branch with a squirt of icing.

5. Mix pastel green icing using Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Color in a white icing base.

6. Pipe a bottom border using pastel green icing and a #5 plain tip. 

7. Use dots of white icing to attach blossoms to the cake.

8. Finish by piping scroll work on top of the cake as shown with white icing and a #5 tip.
Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol