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Size: 8” round
Skill level: Easy

1. Ice the cake with buttercream and comb the sides.

2. Apply the Edible Image® design to the top of the cake.

3. Airbrush the top sides of the cake with Purple Premium Airbrush Color.

4. Mix two batches of frosting-one orange and one purple by using Premium Gel colors in Sunset Orange and Violet.

5. Use a #10 piping tip to create the bottom and top borders, leaving a gap on the bottom for the SugarSoft® decorations.

6. Apply the SugarSoft® decorations to the gap in the border.

Size: other (cupcakes)
Skill level: Easy

1. Bake cupcakes and let cool.

2. Frost the cupcakes with the purple frosting and a #828 star tip.

3. Finish by placing the SugarSoft® decoration on the top of each cupcake.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee

© Sarah Beise LLC