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SIZE: Other (cookie sandwiches)

Fashion these delightful sandwich cookies in just a few simple steps using Easter Mini Edible Image® decorations--they can be used easily on both fondant and icing.

1. Prepare your favorite cookies or use pre-made. Bake and let cool.

2. When cookies have cooled, ice half of the cookies with liquid or solid fondant, royal icing or your choice of icing. Shown is White Vanilla Fondant. TIP: If you wish to apply them to fondant, use an airbrush or a food-grade paint brush to slightly dampen the fondant with lemon juice or a clear potable alcohol. Apply Easter Mini Edible Image® decorations and allow the liquid to dry before cutting out circles with a round cutter. Otherwise, apply images to icing before any drying or crusting occurs.

3. Place the other half of the cookies face down. Fill with your choice of icing (preferably a light color), and then place an iced cookie, face up, on top of each.

4. Roll edges of filler icing in Spring Pastel Sprinkles, as shown.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz