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Thrill your guests with individual wedding cakes, so pleasing to view and so easy to serve!

SIZE: 4” square

1.    Select a font and cover a full page with ¾” ampersands in that font. Print the page.

2.    Place an acetate sheet or a few cake collars on top of the printed page. Pipe ampersands in white royal icing on the acetate, using a very fine plain round decorating tip, #1 (Item #10984) or #2 (Item #11041). Continue piping until you have at least 10 more ampersands than you will need, in case of breakage. Let dry.

3.    Thinly roll out enough white fondant to cut as many 1 ½” ovals as you will need; oval cutters will greatly increase efficiency. Repeat with black fondant in 1” ovals.

4.    With a shell modeling tool, ruffle the edges of the white ovals. Attach black ovals to white using a small amount of water.

5.    Prepare all cakes and cover with gray fondant, tinted using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45290).

6.    Prepare Black Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45815)  filigree strips. Using a papercrafting edge punch (Martha Stewart Crafts™ Modern Garland punch shown), punch design in one edge of one strip. Reverse strip and punch design on the other edge. Each 4” cake will require approximately 1 1/3 strip for wrapping. Tip: If you are planning a great number of cakes, be sure to keep all prepared Shimmer Ribbons™ protected from air to avoid drying.

7.    Prepare Black Shimmer Ribbons™ cake base strips by cutting one strip in half lengthwise. Again, each cake will require approximately 1 1/3 strip for wrapping.

8.    Ribbon filigree and base wrap should be applied with clear, potable alcohol or lemon juice; use an airbrush or a paintbrush to apply alcohol. Apply filigree and base ribbon while alcohol is still damp. Repeat this step with each cake until complete.

9.    Carefully remove dried ampersands from the acetate, applying one to each oval plaque with alcohol.

10.    Finish by attaching oval plaque, a Classic Small Flowerette Dec-Ons® decoration and a scattering of Classic Blossom Charms Dec-Ons® decorations with white icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz