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SIZE: Other (Shaped using a full sheet cake)
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

At least one day ahead:

1. Determine the rough dimensions of the sculpted “gingerbread” house in order to prepare roof and side panels.
2. Mix fondant colors:

a) Mix light brown fondant by using a 1:1 ratio of white to chocolate.  

b) Mix a variegated “wood grain” pattern by twisting dark chocolate into light chocolate fondant. Keep all fondant covered until ready for use.

3. Create the roof by rolling out white fondant large enough for 1” overhangs on the front, back and bottom eaves. Tile three and a half zigzag Designer Prints™ strips on this piece (top to bottom), attaching them with a light application of water, clear potable alcohol or shortening. Cut a scalloped edge around three sides, as shown, using an X-Acto-type knife.

4. Repeat step 3 to create the second roof panel.

5. Make front and back house panels by rolling out light chocolate fondant, and then using a cook’s knife to cut each panel into a house-shaped silhouette. Set aside to dry.

6. Make side panels by rolling out light chocolate fondant, and then using a cook’s knife to cut rectangles. Set aside to dry.

7. Make door and crossing “wood” planks for the sides of the cake by loosely kneading light chocolate fondant and dark chocolate fondant together to create a wood grain effect. Attach door to front house panel, and “wood” planks to each side panel, using a light application of water or gum glue. 

The day of the event:

8. Carve and base ice the cake.

9. Carefully attach side panels to the cake, and then front and back panels, while the icing is still tacky.

10. Attach roof panels.

11. Mix lime green royal icing and pipe vine work designs on the front and side panels, as shown.

12. Attach Dec-Ons® using royal icing.

13. If desired, use candy gumdrops to embellish the ridge of the roof.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz