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SIZE: ¼ sheet


Direct from the fashion runway to your table…très belle!

1. Mix batches of light pink and black icing using Lucks Pink Liquid Airbrush Color and Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color.

2. Ice the cake.

3. Trim the white ends from the Fashion Variety Designer Prints™ sheets using a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade or an X-ACTO type razor knife; apply prints to the middle of the cake’s sides.

4. With pink icing in a #8 plain round tube, pipe an elevated, triangular skirt form in the center of the cake.

5. With Black icing in a #8 tube, pipe the dress top and sleeves; also pipe a beaded border along the bottom edge of the Designer Print™ sheets. With a #4 plain round tube, pipe the dress form’s neck and base.

6. Create the additional skirt layers using Lucks Rose Pink Shimmer Ribbons™. Remove one strip from the backing and gently fold as you would a paper fan; apply to the bottom of your skirt mound. Repeat.   - Leaving them on the backing, cut the remaining Lucks Shimmer Ribbons™ into three inch (approximate) strips. Remove one and gently fold lengthwise, diagonally; trim overlap. Repeat until you have at least 10-12 folded strips.   - Apply strips one by one, starting at the outer edges of the skirt mound, and work your way in.

7. Using the fluted side of a pastry wheel, narrowly trim both sides of a few Lucks Black Shimmer Ribbons™; use these to make a border around the dress form.

8. With a #4 tube and pink icing, pipe a bead border around the interior of the Shimmer Ribbons™ frame, as well as along the top of the Designer Print™ design.

9. With a #8 tube and white icing, pipe a bottom border.

10. Finish with Fashionable Daisies Assortment  Dec-Ons® decorations and a pink bow from the Deluxe Baby Assortment  Dec-Ons® decorations, as shown.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz