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SIZE: Other (Cupcakes with Chocolate Pops)

Edible Transfer Sheets add elegance to these stylish French Boutique themed cupcakes!

1. Start by making templates for the cupcake ring, center circle, and dress.

2. Lay White Damask Transfer Sheets (Item #46913) with the smooth side down on a flat surface.

3. Melt two batches of chocolate or candy melts in black and pink.

4. Fill plastic pastry bags with each color and cut a tiny hole at the end, just big enough for the chocolate to flow through. Tip: Set your bag, tip up, into a microwave safe bowl, to keep the chocolate from flowing out. If your chocolate starts to harden, just set the bowl with chocolate into the microwave, heating it in small time increments such as 20 seconds.

5. Strategically place the ring template under the transfer sheet and pipe pink chocolate rings as shown.  Move the template to a new position to pipe several rings. Tip: attach the template to a strip of paper or thin cardboard so you can move the template around under the transfer sheet without having to disturb the sheet and the drying chocolate.

6. Strategically place the circle template under the transfer sheet and pipe black chocolate circles, leaving a hole in the middle of each one just big enough for a cake pop stick to go through.

7. Strategically place the dress template under the transfer sheet and pipe pink chocolate dresses. Cut off about an inch of each cake pop stick and attach them to the backs of the dresses with a generous amount of melted pink chocolate.

8. When all chocolate decorations are cool, gently lift each one off of your chocolate transfer sheet and smooth down any rough edges.

9. Make a small batch of black royal icing using Coal Black Liqua-Gel (Item # 45290).Turn the dresses over and pipe designs using the black icing and a #2 tip (Item #11041). Attach a White Mini Blossom (Item #46702) to the waist band of each dress with a dot of icing.

10. Pipe a ring of white icing around the edge of each cupcake with tip #2A (Item #46742).

11. Place the black chocolate circles in the middle of the cupcakes.

12. Place the pink chocolate rings on next.

13.  Stick one dress chocolate pop into the center of each cupcake until it touches the bottom.

14. Finish by placing each cupcake into a black cupcake liner
Decorating ideas by Sandy McNicol