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SIZE: ¼ sheet

SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

“Tie” one on for Dad this Father’s Day!

1. Ice the cake in a light turquoise icing, produced with a scant mixture of three parts Lucks Blue Airbrush Color  to one part Lucks Green Airbrush Color.

2. Apply Turquoise Shimmer Ribbons™ around the base of the cake.

3. Roll out some white fondant and apply selections from Aqua Paisley Designer Prints™ decorations using a slight amount of water. TIP: Use a piece of old Designer Prints™ backing paper to make a pattern for the tie, so that they will be uniform. Use this pattern to judge how much of each print pattern you will need to apply to the fondant; this will help conserve Designer Prints™ as well as fondant.

4. Use the tie pattern to cut out four ties: two with paisley, and one each of the remaining patterns.

5. Align and lay down ties at either end of the cake’s top.

6. Lay down a tie next to the tie at the right end; repeat with the final tie, being careful to maintain consistent spacing.

7. With a #8 plain round tube and fudge icing, pipe a beaded bottom border.

8. With a #5 plain round tube and fudge icing, pipe the letters DAD in the large gap between ties, as shown. If desired, apply a small amount of Lucks Bronze Shimmer Airbrush Color to the letters with a fine paint brush.

9. Finish by piping a light turquoise beaded top border with a #8 tip.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz