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SIZE: 8” round

This delightful Independence Day cake will have your customers seeing stars!
1. Ice the cake with white icing.

2. Apply the Fireworks Edible Image® design to the top of the cake.

3. Mix red and blue icings using Lucks Premium Airbrush Colors in Red and Blue in a white icing base.

4. With white icing and a large basket weave tip, pipe a flat border around the Edible Image® design, by holding the serrated side down.

5. With red icing and a #124 large rose tip, pipe a border around the bottom of the cake.

6. With blue icing and a #10 piping tip, pipe a border over the red border on the base of the cake.

7. Apply red and blue stars from the Stars Dec-Ons® decorations to the top border, as shown; use the white stars around the bottom border.

8. With blue icing and red icing each in their own #4 plain round tube, pipe shooting star tails in alternating colors behind the red and blue stars.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz