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This quarter sheet cake can be made with buttercream or fondant techniques. This particular cake is finished with fondant.

1. Shape and ice cake to resemble a book by cutting a wedge out of the middle. You can flip that over to give height to the pages.

2. Enrobe with white fondant.

3. Use your decorating triangle to create the effect of pages on the side of the cake.

4. Airbrush the sides with Lucks Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color.

5. Airbrush the top of the cake slightly in the area where you will be placing the Chalice and Host Dec-Ons® Decorations and around the top edges of the book.

6. Mix buttercream into a gold color with Lucks Yellow Airbrush Color with a drop or two of Lucks Brown Airbrush Color.

7. Use a #2 plain round tip to write inscription per customer’s request.

8. Mix Lucks Super Red Liqua-Gel Color with fondant and roll out a ribbon strip. 

9. Use a knife blade or fondant tool from Fondant Tool Set to make indentation to simulate weave.

10. Use scissors to cut tassle at end of ribbon and lay across center of cake as your bookmark.

11. Mix Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color with fondant to make the book cover. 

12. Roll out into strips and cut and place around the bottom of the cake.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk