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SIZE: Other (log cake)

Lure Dad or the fishing aficionado in your life with the most delicious tackle box they’ve ever tasted!

1. Mix blue, red, black and gray icings using Lucks Premium Gel Colors in Sky Blue, Super Red and Coal Black.

2. If decorating a roulade, ice the cake with white icing. If decorating ice cream, proceed to step 3.

3. Lightly airbrush the top half of the cake with Lucks Premium Airbrush Color in Blue.

4. Lightly airbrush the bottom half with Lucks Brown Premium Airbrush Color.

5. Pipe a band around the center of the cake, to conceal the seam between airbrush colors, using blue icing in a #48 basketweave tip.

6. Pipe a handle on top using gray icing in a #12 piping tip.

7. Pipe two latches on the front using gray icing in a #48 basketweave tip and a #5 piping tip.

8. Pipe fishing line coming out from under the lid, using black icing and a #3 piping tip.

9. Pipe bobbers on each line in white icing with the open end of a Coupler. Pipe a red line across each bobber with a #47 basketweave tip.

10. Attach Aquarium Fish Dec-Ons® decorations to the end of each fishing line with small dabs of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz