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SIZE: Other (cake truffles)

Fireworks won’t be the only thing “popping” with these patriotic cake pops on the table!

1. Have on hand candy sticks and white and red dipping chocolate or candy melts—these items are available at most craft stores. Have a piece of Styrofoam ready to accept pops as they’re completed.

2. Mix cake pop dough from cake scraps and buttercream, then shape into squares and wavy rectangles (flag shapes). TIP: Use a small square cutter to mold the square pops. Use aluminum flashing shaped with pliers to create a flag mold. Alternately, these shapes may be formed by hand.

3. Melt a small amount of white chocolate on the stove top or in a microwave. Dip a candy stick in a bit of chocolate and insert into one cake ball about halfway (the melted chocolate will help the cake ball adhere to the stick). Repeat this step until all cake balls are fitted with sticks. Chill pops thoroughly in the refrigerator for easy handling.

4. When pops are chilled, melt enough white chocolate to fill a small or medium bowl at least halfway.

5. While you are waiting for your chocolate to melt, separate out some red and blue star quins from a box of Multi Star Quins.

6. Dip each flag pop into the melted chocolate to cover; let drips fall from the back of the ball, tapping the pop’s stick on the bowl rim to remove excess. Let set.

7. While you are dipping the flag pops, melt the red chocolate.

8. Dip each square pop into the red chocolate. Let set.

9. For extra pizzazz, lightly airbrush the pops using Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors in Pearl and Red.

10. Use quins to create a flag motif on the pearl shimmer pops, attaching them with small dabs of icing.

11. Use Small American Flag Dec-Ons® decorations to adorn the red shimmer pops, attaching with small dabs of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz