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SIZE: 8" round and cupcakes


  1. Ice the cake and comb edges with a decorating comb.
  2. Place the Birthday Splash Edible Image® on top of the cake.
  3. Airbrush the side of the cake with Teal Airbrush Color.
  4. Mix Golden Yellow, Brown and Neon Bright Green icing using Lucks Premium Gel Colors.
  5. Using a #895 basket weave tip and brown icing, make a wavy line about half an inch above the bottom of the cake.
  6. With a #10 piping tip and yellow icing, pipe a bottom bead border.
  7. Finish with a splash using a #10 piping tip to create the top border.


  1. Mix a batch of Neon Bright Pink icing using Lucks Premium Gel Colors.
  2. With a #828 star tip, ice the cupcakes.
  3. Cover the edge of the frosting with Teal Sprinkles.
  4. Finish by nestling the Flip Flops in the icing. 

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee