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SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

1. Mix batches of neon bright green, leaf green, and lemon yellow icings.

2. Ice your cupcakes using a #807 Large Plain Round Tube or an untipped Plastic Coupler in lime green.

3. Attach Lovely Rose Dec-Ons to half of the cupcakes.

4. Use a #104 rose tip to pipe flower petals onto the other half of the cupcakes.

5. Use a #12 tip to pipe yellow centers on the icing flowers.

6. Use a dollop of icing to attach each cupcake bottom to the upper portion of a food-safe ¼ sheet board to form a “cluster” of flowers, as seen in the picture. 

7.  Use a #352 leaf tip to create icing leaves around the flowers/dec-ons, and around the bases of the cupcakes.

8. Use a #10 tip to form the stems of the cupcake bouquet.

9. Use a #104 rose petal tip to create the bow and ribbons around the icing stems.

10. Dust the icing ribbon with Edible Glitter to accent.

Decorating idea by Bobbijo Dalton