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SIZE: 4” rounds
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Create a scene with this lively mosaic cake set, literally!

1. Prepare your flowers a couple of hours prior to assembling your mini cakes. Roll out White Vanilla Fondant (Item #46755) and moisten with water. Apply the Bright Flower Embellishments (Item #47040) to your fondant and carefully trim around them with an X-Acto knife. Set them on a concave surface to dry.

2. Assemble and ice four 4” round single layer cakes. Tip: colossal cupcakes are a quick way to begin a mini cake. For an added treat, squirt a little filling into the middle of your cupcake with a pastry bag.

3. Mix four batches of White Vanilla Fondant using Neon Brite Yellow (Item #45297), Neon Brite Green (Item #45293), Neon Brite Orange (Item #45294) and Neon Brite Pink (Item #45295) Liqua-Gel Colors. Cover each cake in tinted fondant.

4. Roll fondant cord by hand in contrasting colors for the bottom borders of each cake.  Use a little water to attach your cords as you fashion random continuous patterns around your cakes.

5. Finish by placing one or more flowers on the top of each cake with little balls of moistened fondant.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol