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SIZE: 8” three-layer, 6” two-layer, 5” three-layer and 4” two-layer round tiers

SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Ooh la la, si beau, si chic!

1. Mix rose pink icing using a scant amount of Lucks Red Red Premium Gel Color. 

2. Pre-trim Classic Dots and Stripes Variety Designer Prints® decorations to scallop on the bottom edge, as shown. TIP: Scallop strips while they are still on the backing sheet. 

3. Crumb coat the pink tiers using pink icing.

4. Ice the remaining tiers in white and apply Designer Prints® around their sides. 

5. Pipe pink ruffles on the bottom tier, on the diagonal, using a #114 large leaf tip.

6. Stack next two tiers. 

7. Pipe pink ruffles on the third tier.

8. Stack top tier.

9. Use pink icing in a #3 round tip to pipe string swag around the scalloped lower edges of all Designer Prints®.

10. Affix one Pink Bow Dec-Ons® decoration with icing to each scallop juncture.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz 

Tip #3 Piping

Tip #3 Piping

Pack/Size: 5/pk
Unit: PK

Tip #133 Grass Small

Tip #133 Grass Small

Pack/Size: 2/pk
Unit: PK