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Frightful Friends Cupcakes

Frightful Friends Cupcakes

SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

Entertain your ghosts and goblins with these friendly Halloween cupcakes!

1. Mix black, purple, orange, and lime green icings using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Coal Black, Violet, Sunset Orange and Neon Brite Green.

2. Pipe one 1 ½” round medallion of tinted icing in the middle of each cupcake using a #809 large plain round tube.

3. Pipe coordinating colored balls around each medallion of icing as shown, using a #12 standard decorating tube (Item #10988). Tip: as your icing dries a little, you can minimize the point that can remain on each ball, by gently patting it down with your finger.

4. Finish by placing one Frightful Friends Assortment Dec- Ons® decoration (Item #46919) on each cup cake.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol

Frightful Friends Assortment Dec-Ons® Decorations

Frightful Friends Assortment Dec-Ons® Decorations

Pack/Size: 192 per box 2/3" - 1 1/4"
Unit: BX