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SIZE: Other (dipped sandwich cookies)

1. Prepare your favorite sandwich cookies or use pre-made cookies. (Tip: make sure the cookies are no larger than 1.5” in diameter to fit into a chocolate or candy mold with 2” cavities.)

2. Use a 2” chocolate or candy mold. Cut pieces of transfer sheet to fit the base of each cavity, using scissors or a craft punch.

3. Place transfer rounds textured side up in the cavities of your candy mold.

4. Melt dark chocolate.

5. Fill a parchment triangle with melted chocolate and then partially fill the molds. (Tip: don’t use a metal tip in the bag. The cool metal will stiffen the chocolate too quickly.)

6. Press cookies into the chocolate before it sets up. Top off the cookies with melted chocolate to cover completely. (Tip: tap the entire mold on a counter top to level the chocolate.)

7. Let set, and then remove coated cookies from the mold.

8. Remove acetate from cookies before serving.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee