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SIZE: 8” Square
We all know GIRLS ROCK!! So make a cake and tell her so using the Girls Rock Edible Image® and Gumpaste Star Sugar Sprays.

1. Assemble and ice an 8” square cake with white icing.

2. Apply the Girls Rock Edible Image®.

3. Spray Lucks Purple Liquid Airbrush Color on the sides of the cake while using a stencil to mask off the white area.

4. Make two batches of icing using Black and Purple Liquid Airbrush Colors.

5. Make a bag each of white, purple, and black icing. Use a #4 tip to pipe the lines on the sides of the cake with the purple and black icing and the lines on the top with the white icing.

6. Use black icing and a #8 tip to pipe a beaded black border.

7. Paint the edges of two large gumpaste stars and airbrush two small stars with Black Liquid Airbrush Color. Set aside to dry.

8. After allowing the stars to dry, attach the small stars to the center of the large stars with icing. When the star combinations are dry, lightly brush with a thin coat of piping gel and sprinkle with Edible Glitter. Attach the glittered stars to the side of the cake with a bit of icing.

9. Make the large star on top of the cake in the same way except spray the large star with Purple Liquid Airbrush Color and the smaller star with a light spray of black resulting in a grey color. Attach the large star combo to the cake with a dab of icing.

10. Finish by spraying the medium stars with Black and Purple and attach to the cake with a little icing.
Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol