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SIZE: 10”, 8”, 6” and 4” stacked cake

SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

Fresh flowers complement the colors for a perfect spring garden wedding.

1. Have on hand enough White Vanilla Fondant to cover all four tiers and a little extra for the borders. Color a portion of the white fondant with Pink Liquid Airbrush Color for the 8” and 4” tiers.

2.  Ice each cake tier and enrobe in fondant.

3. Roll out white fondant and cut fairly long 5/8” wide strips free-hand with a Pastry Wheel. Layer your strips on the pink tiers starting from the top left. Moisten the lower edge of each strip after applying to the tier so that the next strip will adhere to it.  There is no need to measure the strips beforehand; as long as they are too long, you can cut them off when you get to the end. Repeat the overlapping pattern on the back side of the cake. Tip: For a quicker way to achieve a similar look, apply two large overlapping strips of fondant to the side of the cake and draw vertical lines the length of the strip about a ¼” apart.

3. Stack your tiers and apply the Global Bazaar Designer Prints™ to the white tiers. Slightly moisten the area with a little bit of water before applying your print. Tip: Be careful to not get water on the exposed fondant or you will end up with shiny spots on your cake when the water dries.

4. Roll out white fondant and cut ½” strips for the borders on the white tiers and attach strips after moistening your cake.

5. Roll very thin fondant and cut ¼” strips, gently twist, lift at the ends and wrap around the base of the pink tiers. Cut off where the ends meet at the back of the cake and attach the ends together with a little water.

6. Finish by adorning your cake with Yoko Ono Mini Poms.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol