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SIZE: 4-layer 6” and 2-layer 10” round tiers

1. A day ahead, mix a large batch of fondant with Lucks Egg Shade Liquid Airbrush Color, enough to cover the entire cake. Roll out a small portion of fondant and use fluted round cutters to create layered, stylized peonies. Let dry.

2. For added dimension, lightly airbrush flower centers with Lucks Orange Liquid Airbrush Color. Let dry.

3. Ice, enrobe and assemble cake.

4. Apply Gold Shimmer Ribbons™ as linear design elements, as shown, by brushing a light coat of water on the fondant only where ribbons will be attached.

5. Arrange fondant flowers with icing or with small pieces of fondant.

6. Mix a small batch of icing with egg shade color, and with a #5 plain round tube pipe stamen dots in the center of each flower.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz