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SIZE: 8” two layer and 7” 1/2 layer round tiers with cake pop garnish


Meet on the green with this golf inspired cake pop cake!

1. Fashion cake pops from cake scraps and buttercream and then shape into balls. You will need candy sticks (found at most craft stores) and White Vanilla Fondant. Have a piece of Styrofoam ready to accept pops as they’re completed.

2. Melt a small amount of white chocolate or white candy on the stove top or microwave. Dip a candy stick into a bit of chocolate and insert about halfway into one cake ball (the melted chocolate will help the cake ball adhere to the stick). Repeat this step until all cake balls are fitted with sticks. Chill thoroughly for easy handling.

3. When pops are chilled, cover with fondant.  Make impressions into the fondant to make it look like a golf ball, with a tool from the 5 Piece Tool Set. Let pops set upright in a Styrofoam block while you assemble your cake.

4. Assemble and ice the cake: ice the bottom tier in white icing, and the top tier in icing tinted with Lucks Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Color.

5. Add Tie Pattern Variety Designer Prints decorations to the bottom tier.

6. Pipe a blue bottom border on both layers using Royal Blue Liqua-Gel Color and a #22 tip.

7. Pipe grass over the whole top tier using Leaf Green Liqua-Gel Color and the Large Grass Tip #234.

8. Wrap bright colored fondant strips around the base of each ball to look like tees, and then stick them into the grassy cake top. Arrange the pops as shown with the shorter ones in the front. If necessary, you can break the sticks off by easily snapping them with your fingers.

9. Finish off your cake by adding the Golf Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations to pops using a dab of melted white chocolate in a parchment without a metal tip to attach.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol