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SIZE: 8” square

1. Ice the cake.

2. Apply Silver Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45557) around the sides of the cake.

3. Apply White Sanding Sugar (Item #9455) around the base of the cake; the ribbon will allow a clean and straight application of sugar.

4. Mix silver gray icing using a few drops of Lucks Black Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10157).

5. Use gray icing in a #3 round tip (Item #11022) to pipe the banner and inscription. TIP: To ensure best banner alignment, use a piece of paper or used Edible Image® backing sheet to create a stencil to follow. Alternately, you may airbrush around a stencil with Pearl Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43706) and use the residual outline as a guide for banner piping.

6. Place one Medium Paired Doves Dec-Ons® decoration (Item #14086) at each end of the banner, as if carrying it.

7. Adhere two Shimmer Ribbons™ back to back with shortening so that both sides are silver. 

8. Carefully cut this doubled ribbon in half, and create loops on either end of both pieces.

9. Attach one set of loops diagonally, as shown, with a dab of icing. Attach the second set perpendicular to the first.

10. Embellish the intersection of loops with a brooch fashioned of White Grande Pearls (Item #12974).

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz