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SIZE: 10” two-layer, 8” three-layer and 6” two-layer round tiered
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Celebrate achievement with tasteful tiers that highlight your school colors!

1. At least a day ahead, mix two batches of fondant in school colors. Shown here is a 2:1 mix of Lucks Super Red to Violet Liqua-Gel Colors, to create burgundy, and a bit of Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color to create gray.

2. Use 6-8 oz. of one of the fondant colors to create the topper plaque, by first mixing with a ½ tsp of some form of gum (gum tragacanth, tylose, etc.). Roll out and cut the plaque freehand with a kitchen knife or an X-acto type knife, making sure it won’t extend over the edge of the top tier. Let dry overnight.

3. Use this same fondant to cut a rectangle approximately 4” x 5”. Let dry overnight, bent in half lengthwise over a right angle (such as a styrofoam dummy). This will become the support for the plaque.

4. Roll out or extrude the other colored fondant, and create lettering for the graduate’s name, as well as the applicable graduation year. Taper the ends for a touch of elegance. Cover and let rest overnight.

5. Store remaining fondant in an airproof container.

6. The next day, mix black icing using Coal Black Liqua-Gel. TIP: use chocolate icing if possible, to reduce the amount of colorant required.

7. Ice the 6” and 10” tiers in white and apply Hats Off Grad Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cakes.

8. Enrobe the 8” tier in the same color of fondant that was used for the plaque.

9. Carefully assemble the cake.

10. Apply Black Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations around the base of each tier.

11. Attach letters to the 8” layer, and the numbers to the plaque, using royal icing tinted gray.

12. Use royal icing to attach the dried rectangle, lengthwise, to the back of the plaque.

13. Place plaque atop the cake, and garnish the cake with a few Lucks Royal Icing Roses. Shown here are Medium Bright Red Roses.

14. Use a #10 plain round tube and black icing to pipe a beaded border around the base of each tier, and then pipe a border around the standing plaque.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz