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SIZE: 8” round with cupcakes

Perfect for a party or a classroom, satisfy everyone with both cake AND cupcakes!

1. Mix red and gold icings with Lucks Premium Airbrush Colors in Red and Egg Shade.

2. Ice a variety of cupcakes in white, red and gold icings. Apply Red and Gold Shimmer Stars and Small Cap and Scroll Dec-Ons® decorations to the cupcakes.

3. Ice the 8” cake in white icing and apply the You Did It Grad Edible Image® decoration to the top.

4. With white icing in a #104 rose tip (Item #11046) pipe a bottom border.

5. With red icing in a #104 tip, pipe a top border.

6. Finish with a few Dec-Ons® decorations stars around the top border of the cake.

7. If desired, arrange cake and cupcakes on a 14” round gold drum.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz