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SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

These Candyland cupcakes are a fun addition to your festive table!

1.    Roll out some white fondant and gently moisten with water, being careful to avoid puddles. Attach green strips of Polka Dot Variety Designer Prints™ (Item #45835) decorations to the fondant.

2.    Ice cupcakes in buttercream. Cut fondant discs, sized to your cupcakes, using straight or scalloped circle cutters, and then apply one disc to each cupcake.

3.    Create fondant “candies” by mixing Lucks Ribbon Pink Liqui-Gel Color (Item #45291) into fondant.

4.    Roll thin ropes of white and pink fondant, then twist together and re-roll to create a spiral effect.

5.    Roll spiraled fondant rope into a coil, as shown.

6.    Attach one “candy” to top of each cupcake with a dab of icing.

7.    While still on the backing sheet, cut a strip of Rose Pink Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations (Item #45558) into 1.5” lengths. Remove one piece and fold one end as you would a fan. Attach to one side of the “candy” with icing, the repeat with the other side.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz