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The Hottie Spots Designer Print® ROCKS this guitar pick cake and cupcake ensemble.

1. Make 4 different colors of fondant for the guitar picks, using Lucks Liqua-Gel™ Colors: Make a pastel pink with Deep Pink (Item #45281), bright pink with Neon Brite Pink (Item #45295), lavender with Violet (Item #45278) and black with Coal Black (Item #45290).

2. The guitar picks are made with a small guitar pick shaped cutter. A cutter can be made by reshaping a small leaf cutter. Although tedious, if necessary, you can cut them out by hand with an Xacto knife.

3. Roll out the bright pink fondant and apply Hottie Spots Designer Prints® (Item #45827) with a light brushing of water. Cut out the desired number of picks. Cut a few extra for mishaps. Immediately smooth any rough edges with your finger.

4. Roll out the bright pink, pastel pink, lavender, and black colored fondants, and cut out solid colored picks. Set them aside to dry.

5. Assemble and Ice your cake on an approximately 14" black drum. Tip: Use a heart shaped cake and fill in the indent with cake.

6. Apply Hottie Spots Designer Prints® to the side of your cake.

7. Arrange the fondant guitar picks on top of the cake, alternating the colors, with the point facing away from you.

8. Arrange six Hottie Spots Designer Print® picks to form a flower as shown.

9. Use a #5 tip (Item #11027) for all of the lettering. Tint some icing with Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color(Item #45290), and pipe letters on the pastel pink, bright pink, and lavender picks. Use white icing for the letters on the black and Hottie Spot picks.

10. Mix enough dark pink icing for the bottom border of the cake and the cupcakes as shown, using Neon Brite Pink Liqua-Gel and a couple of drops of Royal Blue Liqua-Gel (Item #45277). With a 2A tip, pipe a bottom border on the cake, a swirl on each cupcake and a center in the middle of the guitar pick flower.

11. Pipe a smaller swirl on each cupcake with white icing and a #2A tip. Add another small white bubble just big enough to prop up a pick. Place one Hottie Spots Pick on each cupcake.

12. The cupcake liners shown have a print similar to Hottie Spots and can be found at your local decorating supply store.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol