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SIZE: 8: round

Snack lovers, movie lovers, and any dad with a sense of humor will get a kick out of this “corny” cake…it doesn’t get any “butter” than this!

1. Ice the cake in white icing.

2. Apply the striped pattern from Tie Pattern Variety Designer Prints™ strips (Item #47087) around the sides of the cake.

3. Lightly airbrush the top of the cake with Lucks Orange Premium Airbrush Color.

4. Mix batches of black and red icings using Lucks Premium Colors in Black and Super Red.

5. Use white and red icings in #5 piping tips to pipe the popcorn bucket, and then use the white icing to pipe kernels, as shown.

6. Lightly airbrush the popcorn using Lucks Egg Shade Premium Airbrush Color, and then pipe a few more white dots over and around the kernels to variegate.

7. Use black icing in a #5 piping tip to pipe the inscription and a double beaded bottom border.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz