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SIZE: 10” round 
Jazz up this classic retro Hot Rod Edible Image® with authentic looking vinyl records made with Lucks® piping gel!
1. Ice cake in white icing and apply Classic Checks Designer Prints™ on the side of the cake. For professional looking results, trim the white ends from print with a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade or use an X-ACTO type razor knife.

2. Apply 50’s Hot Rod Birthday Edible Image® near the top half of the cake.

3. Cut several 2” disks cut out of white fondant using the Plain Round Cutter Set.

4. Stick one fondant disk to the middle of a turn-table with a dab of frosting. Ice it with a thin coat of piping gel (Item #5305), then comb the surface while you spin the turn-table. Be sure to use the side of the comb with the smallest teeth.

5. Then stand a 2A decorating tube in the middle of the disk with the small end down. Take a small paintbrush and put it into the tube and wipe away most of the piping gel while smoothing the surface. Have handy Yellow, Red and Blue Liquid Airbrush Colors. Spray one airbrush color on the inside of the tube for the record label and a different color on the outside. Repeat the process until all of the records are colored as shown.

6. Add a few lines of icing on the records as shown with a #1 tip and Black icing tinted with Black Liquid Airbrush Color.

7. Arrange the records on the cake, attaching them at different levels with little mounds of icing.

8. Add an inscription using blue icing made with Blue Liquid Airbrush Color in a white icing base and a #3 tip.

9. Finish by placing Music Note Dec-Ons® decorations around the inscription.
Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol