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SIZE: 10" round


Use a single layer 10” cake to make this jack-o’-lantern. 

1. Ice your layer cake with icing colored with Lucks Orange Soft-Gel Color.

2. Comb the sides with a decorating comb. Use your spatula to make the lines you would find on a pumpkin.

3. Use Lucks Orange Airbrush Color to airbrush some shadows and lines for the shaping of your pumpkin.

4. Next, pipe an orange border using #22 Star tube.

5. Now, mix some green icing using Lucks Green Airbrush Color.  Using that icing, pipe some stems and leaves using a #4 plain round tube and a #352 Leaf Tube.  Don’t forget to curl your pumpkin vines to make them look more realistic.

6. You can make all the pumpkins the same way, or you can fill the showcase with different faces. This can be done by placing the mouth shape right-side up or down, and with the eyes shifted up or down, or looking to the right or left.

Decorating Idea by Kasia Wilk