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Fourth of July Fruit Pie

Fourth of July Fruit Pie

SIZE: Other (Pies)

1. Prepare a cherry and blueberry fruit pie, making sure the blueberry filling is where the blue part of the flag is supposed to be.

2. Bake strips of pie crust to fit across the pie where the white strips would be on an American flag.

3. Add Dec-Ons® decorations to the blue part of the pie.

4. For the pie pops, cut out pie crust with a round cutter and place filling inside. Cover with another piece of pie crust.

5. Egg wash and bake pie pops. Let cool.

6. Attach a Dec-Ons® decoration to each pop with a dab of frosting or melted chocolate.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee

White Stars Dec-Ons® Decorations

White Stars Dec-Ons® Decorations

Pack/Size: 216 per box 7/8"
Unit: BX