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SIZE: ¼ sheet with constructed screen
SKILL LEVEL: Difficult

Using Edible Image® Print-on-Demand technology, this laptop cake will be mistaken for the real thing!

1. Make black fondant by mixing Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color into Dark Chocolate Fondan. TIP: Using chocolate fondant as your base color, you will require less colorant to achieve a deep black. Using white fondant is also possible.

2. Mix gray fondant by combining a bit of black fondant with White Vanilla Fondant.

3. Use Standard Print-Ons® Sheets to print a photo of your choice for the computer screen. Be sure to observe all copyright laws.

4. Use Standard Print-Ons® Sheets to print a royalty-free image of a keyboard. Again, ensure that your image is royalty-free, or that it has been purchased from an image database.

5. Store both printed images in a sealed metalized bag until ready to use.

6. To make the screen, cut a ¼ sheet corrugated cake board to the length of your ¼ sheet cake.

7. Cover the front of the ¼ cardboard with a thin sheet of white fondant, attaching the fondant to the board with piping gel.

8. Attach your “screen shot” image to the white fondant using a light coat of water or clear, potable alcohol. Let dry, away from direct light. TIP: Make sure the image isn’t centered on the cardboard; measure two inches up from the bottom of the cardboard and lightly mark that line. Center the image between the top of the board and that line. This needs to be done because the board will be resting at the bottom of the ¼ sheet cake and the bottom two inches will be covered by the body of the cake.

9. Cover the ¼ sheet cake with gray fondant. TIP: It is easiest to attach the screen to the cake vertically, as gravity will help keep the screen upright, perpendicular to the cake. If you wish to create a “slanted” screen to make it more life-like, you will need to trim the back of the cake at an inward-sloping diagonal before covering in fondant.

10. Spray the covered ¼ sheet with Lucks Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color and let dry. TIP: You will have greater success applying shimmer color in several thin coats, allowing for at least 15 minutes of drying time between coats.

11. Roll out a large piece of black fondant, measuring 4” longer than the length of your computer screen, but 4” shorter. Use this to wrap lengthwise around the screen, completely covering the back, and folding up over the sides. TIP: This piece should be aligned with the screen image.

12. Roll out two more smaller black pieces of fondant, to be used to cover the top and the bottom of the screen board, as shown. Precise measurements will be dictated by how much space is left to cover. These pieces will be folded over the top and the bottom of the boards, joining along the sides and gently rubbed down to conceal the seam.

13. Roll out a 1 ½” black fondant ribbon and affix around the lower front and both sides of the ¼ sheet.

14. Use the Nine Piece Tool Set for fondant to impress “CD trays” and “USB ports” and other such computer add-ons into the black fondant ribbon around the base.

15. Roll out a thin sheet of white fondant to accommodate the printed image of the keyboard. Attach to the ¼ sheet, as shown, with a light application of water or alcohol.

16. Use black fondant to either extrude or hand-roll a narrow trim for the keyboard.

17. Use gray fondant to cut a small square for the touch pad, as well as to cut a handful of random buttons for the computer. Attach to the top of the cake using a bit of water.

18. If you wish you can tint a little bit of fondant in any color you wish to create colored buttons for the top of the laptop.

19. If you wish, you may also use more Print-Ons® Sheets to print your company logo, or to draw fun pictures (like the cupcake icon in the lower right hand corner) with FooDoodler Gourmet Food Decorating Pens (Item #42541) to be used on the top of the computer as shown.

20. If you are attaching the screen straight up and down vertically against the back of the cake, a generous portion of melted chocolate should work well to glue them together.

21. If you have cut the back of your sheet cake at an angle, you will need additional support beyond the melted chocolate. Hardware stores carry angle brackets that work nicely, or a thin piece of sheet metal can also do the trick.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz