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SIZE: Other (8” round cake and cookies)
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Crafted lady bug sugar cookies adorn a vibrant Little Lady shower cake for a beautiful, edible centerpiece.

1. A day ahead, create ladybug components and top plaque in fondant: first, mix pink fondant using a scant amount of Lucks Red Red Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45283) mixed into White Vanilla Fondant (Item #46755).

2. This 8” round cake uses 6 cookies in the final design.

3. For the heads, roll out and cut several ovals using a small oval cutter. Let dry.

4. Roll several antennae, as shown, and let dry.

5. For the plaque, roll out white fondant and cut a large oval freehand with an X-Acto knife.

6. For the wings, roll out white fondant and attach the pink pattern from Vintage Tea Party Variety Designer Prints™ sheets (Item #47131) with a light application of water. Cut rounds to match cookie size with plain or fluted round cutters and then cut a narrow pie wedge shape through their centers. Let dry.

7. Use your favorite cut-out cookie formula and the Plain Round Cutter Set (Item #46661) to cut and bake cookies. Let cool.

8. The next day, assemble the cookies: roll out more pink fondant and cut rounds to match cookie size with round cutters. Attach to cookies with a little icing or with a light coat of corn syrup.

9. Alternately, use the run-in royal icing technique to coat the cookies.

10. Attach dried wings, heads and antennae to each cookie using gum glue or royal icing. Let dry.

11. Mix dusty lime icing using a 3:1 ratio of Lucks Liqua-Gels Neon Brite Green (Item #45293) to Red Red, as well as a small portion of pink royal icing to match the fondant.

12. Pipe a pink inscription on the plaque using a #3 round tip (Item #11022).

13. If desired, trim the plaque with Pink Candy Pearls, attached with gum glue or royal icing.

14. Ice the cake in green.

15. Attach assembled cookies evenly around the sides of the cake.

16. Pipe stems and leaves between cookies and a top border of leaves using a #4 round tip (Item #11026).

17. Pipe a bottom border using a #2B large basketweave tip (Item #11023).

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz