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SIZE: Other (cookies)
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Create unique kerchiefs and jumpers for these matryoshka doll cookies using Vintage Tea Party Designer Prints™ sheets applied to fondant.

1. Bake cookies using your favorite no-spread recipe, cut using a specialty cutter. TIP: In lieu of a doll cutter, try a pear cutter with the stem removed, an acoustic guitar with the neck removed, or a hatless snowman. If you have an old oval cutter, it can be bent to shape as well. Allow cookies to cool.

2. While cookies are baking, prepare your supplies: Mix pale orange, green and pink fondants using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Sunset Orange, Leaf Green (a scant amount) and Red Red (a scant amount) mixed into. White Vanilla Fondant. Mix a small portion of brown royal icing using Lucks Brown Liquid Airbrush Color. 

3. Roll out colored fondants and use your cutter and an X-Acto knife to create a kerchief or a jumper for each doll cookie.

4. Roll out white fondant and apply Vintage Tea Party Variety Designer Prints™ decorations with a light application of water. TIP: determine approximate dimensions of needed print for each doll, and cut such pieces while still on the backing sheet, to conserve materials.

5. Use the previously cut kerchiefs and jumpers as templates to match contours of pieces dressed with Designer Prints ™ Sheets.

6. Use the large end of a large round decorating tip, or use the smallest cutter from the Plain Round Cutter Set, to cut face holes in your set of kerchiefs.

7. Mix together portions of your white, pink, and orange fondants to arrive at a flesh tone; use the same circle cutter used for the kerchiefs to cut matching faces.

8. Use FooDoodlers Gourmet Food Decorating Pens to draw faces as shown.

9. When your cookies have cooled, apply decorated fondant components to cookies using either piping gel or a little icing to adhere.

10. Finish with Blossom Charms Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz