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SIZE: ¼ Sheet, 4” tall

SKILL LEVEL: Difficult

1. Assemble and ice the cake.

2. Apply Monster Truck Birthday Edible Image® decoration to the top of the cake.

3. Apply Flames Designer Prints™ sheets high on sides of cake.

4. Use a shield to protect the top of the cake from overspray as you airbrush the sides. Spray the sides of the cake in a variegated pattern as shown, with Lucks Black Liquid Airbrush Color.

5. Roll out black fondant about 1/8” thick and 16” wide. Mix a little bit of black fondant with white to get grey and roll it out to the same size as the black. Attach the rolled section of grey fondant to the top of the black fondant with a light brushing of water. Measure your cake to get the appropriate size of diagonal shapes you will use on the side of the cake. Mark the fondant and use a razor knife to cut the pieces out. Mark a line down the middle of the sides of the cake and use the line as your guide to press the fondant pieces onto the side one by one. When you get to the corner wrap the bend the fondant so that it wraps around the cake.

6. Use white icing tinted grey with Lucks Liqua-Gel Coal Black Color and a # 8 tip to pipe the exhaust pipe as shown and out line it with black icing and a #3 tip.

7. Use a small brush to apply a couple of streaks of Lucks Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color to the exhaust pipe.

8. Make two batches of icing using Sunset Orange and Lemon Yellow Liqua-Gel Colors.

9. Pipe yellow flames with a #8 tip and then outline flames in orange using a #3 tip.

10. Ice the bottom board with white icing tinted with Neon Brite Blue Liqua-Gel Color. Finish by using the blue icing and a #5 tip to pipe small diagonal lines along the base of the cake.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol