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SIZE: ¼ sheet
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

A simple fondant teacup silhouette sets atop a background of Vintage Tea Party Designer Prints™ sheets on this lovely Mother’s Day quarter sheet.

1.  Print a generic teacup profile from the internet, or draw your own; it should be no larger than 3.5” in width and 5” in height. Cut out the paper profile to use as a cutting template for fondant. TIP: water-resistant leftover backing from Edible Image® decorations makes a marvelous template material.

2. Roll out White Vanilla Fondant and use your template to cut out the teacup. Roll and shape a piece of fondant to use as the handle. Set both pieces aside.

3. Mix small amounts of pink fondant and pink icing (buttercream or royal) using an extremely scant amount of Lucks Red/Red Liqua-Gel Color in both media.

4. Ice the cake in white icing. If desired, comb the sides with a Decorating Comb.

5. Cut a square from the rose pattern from Vintage Tea Party Designer Prints™ sheets, using the scalloped blade of a Pastry Wheel, approximately 7” x 7” in size. Apply the square to the top of the cake as shown.

6. Use white icing in a #104 petal tip to pipe a bottom border.

7. Use white icing in a #5 round tip to pipe a beaded top border. Pipe a second row of beaded top border along the top and the bottom (short sides) of the cake.

8. Use pink icing in a #4 round tip to pipe an inscription.

9. Arrange the teacup and handle over the Designer Prints™ sheet. Embellish the teacup with a single brush embroidery rose, piping petal outlines from the outside in, using a #2 round tip. Draw icing in toward the center with a food-grade paint brush.

10. Create a teabag tab using the small bit of pink fondant, and pipe the string with pink icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz