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SIZE: ¼ sheet
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Bring a 19th-century twist to Father’s Day with this comical stately quarter sheet!

1. Ice the cake in white icing.

2. Apply the striped pattern from Tie Pattern Variety Designer Prints™ strips around the sides of the cake.

3. Print a generic top hat profile from the internet, or draw your own, approximately 3.5” tall and 2” wide. Cut out the paper profile to use as a cutting template for fondant. TIP: water-resistant leftover backing from Edible Image® decorations makes wonderful template material.

4. Mix black fondant using Lucks Black Premium Gel Color in a base of Dark Chocolate Fondant.

5. Mix batches of orange, red and black icings, using Lucks Premium Gel Colors in Sunset Orange, Super Red and Black.

6. Roll out black fondant and use the template to cut the top hat silhouette. Arrange it on the top of the cake.

7. Use orange icing in a #102 petal tip to pipe a rickrack bottom border.

8. Use white icing in a #8 piping tip to pipe a scalloped top border.

9. Use black icing in a #3 piping tip to pipe the inscription and monocle.

10. Use red icing in a #3 piping tip to fill in the inscription, as shown.

11. Finish with one Mustache Dec-Ons® decoration below the monocle. I say!

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz