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High Voltage Christmas Mini Cake
SIZE: 4” rounds

1. Bake cakes and let cool.

2. Mix different batches of green, purple and teal buttercream icing with Neon Bright Green, Neon Bright Purple, and Teal Green Premium Gel Color.

3. Ice cake with white buttercream and apply Designer Prints® design to the side of the cake.

4. Using a #104 Piping Tip, pipe two sets of ruffles on the bottom of the cake with Teal Green and one set on top with Neon Green.

5. Using a #8 Piping Tip and Neon Green icing, pipe a puff border on top of the ruffles.

6. Using a #10 Piping Tip and purple icing to pipe a reverse scroll border on top of the cake.

7. Finish by sprinkling quins on the ruffles and the top edge of the cake.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee